Hummel Knitting Lesson

Hummel Knitting Lesson

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Antique Hummel Goebel Figurine #256

Antique Hummel Goebel Figurine #256 “Knitting Lesson” TMK-4 Two Girls Yarn 7″


M.I. Hummel Goebel #256

M.I. Hummel Goebel #256 “Knitting Lesson” TMK 6, 7.5″ Tall, No Box


Goebel Hummel Porcelain Figurine # 256 Knitting Lesson 7 1/2

Goebel Hummel Porcelain Figurine # 256 Knitting Lesson 7 1/2″ TMK-4





Hummel Figurine

Hummel Figurine “Knitting Lesson” #256 TMK6 7-1/2″H Original Box


Goebel Hummel

Goebel Hummel “Knitting Lesson” #256 TMK 5, EXC R16278


Goebel Hummel Figurine TMK5 #256

Goebel Hummel Figurine TMK5 #256 “Knitting Lesson” 7.50″ Tall


Hummel Goebel Porcelain Figurine

Hummel Goebel Porcelain Figurine “Knitting Lesson” Hummel Number 256


Large Goebel Hummel Figurine 256 “KNITTING LESSON “ 7 1/2” TMK5

Large Goebel Hummel Figurine 256 “KNITTING LESSON “ 7 1/2” TMK5


Large Hummel #256

Large Hummel #256 “Knitting Lesson” TMK-4


 Goebel Hummel KNITTING LESSON 7.5

Goebel Hummel KNITTING LESSON 7.5″ Figurine #256 e


M.I. Hummel Goebel #256

M.I. Hummel Goebel #256 “Knitting Lesson” TMK 5 – 7.5″ Tall No Box


How do you determine the value of MI Hummel figurines. MI Hummel figures were produced by the Goebel company of the 1930s until 2009, when Rodenthal a new company, took the reins and started making these beautiful porcelain figurines representing the children happy in their daily activities. So maybe some of these figures in his personal collection and want to know about its value. Well, it has identified three main factors:

1. What is the age of piece.
2. Status of cracks, repairs, paint loss, etc.
3. An application to the particular piece

These three factors are essential in evaluating your collection. The first two are easy and can be determined by simple visual observation Conditions Hummel figurine. Also, you can determine the age by looking at your brand is at the bottom of the base. There are several guides available online show marks with the corresponding year of manufacture.

Now that you've found the answer to the first two factors, time answer the third and most difficult factors, demand for a particular piece. Why is it so difficult to answer? Well, Perhaps, but it depends on your experience as a collector. Some parts are very average and demand is not as great as for other pieces and parts are scarce and demand exceeds supply, which gets higher appraised value.

So, have you been an expert evaluator of Hummel to find the value of your collection. Not really. Two very good advice, if you are an expert is to use a price guide. You can find these stores to your local bookseller or online. It will give you a fairly accurate "book value" for most Hummel of all parties and describe what is considered as "rare". However, the book is good value for insurance purposes, but what about the fair market value.

As the popularity of the Internet Today, I would say that the website eBay has become a global market very well. If you are a member can see the completed listings for a particular figure and show you the most recent sales for that item. How could you need data to determine the fair value value market. This is what everyone interested around the world are willing to pay for this piece at auction. Therefore, the vision you can get a pretty good idea of what the sale of its share in the market. Just remember, the fair market value is a single point in time and just market value fluctuates with the economy. What is today the price may be different next year or even next month.

Hopefully Information that you can get a better idea of what your collection is worth. In case of doubt, it is always best to hire an expert to get a more professional opinion of the value of Hummel figures.

Samantha Simms is an M.I. Hummel collector and appraiser. Learn more about Hummel Figurines through her self-published articles. Also visit her online site to see hummel figurines trademarks to determine year of manufacture.

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