Hummel Look Alikes

Hummel Look Alikes

Hummel Look Alikes

Now you want to sell their crafts, their big decision is how much to charge. There are many formulas out there as a guide, but remember not, ultimately, it all depends on how much to charge.

The formula I use is:

1. Decide how much to pay per hour for his work .

2. And then multiply this hourly rate by the number of hours per week you spend on this ship "

3. Note this figure. This will be weekly labor costs. So if you need to make $ 10 an hour working 40 hours per week, the labor cost would be $ 400.

4. Now you to calculate the total cost of the supplies you need to make a finished product.

5. And see how the products that you can do in a week.

6. Then, multiply the cost of supplies in part by the number of products in a week. (If the material cost per unit is $ 2 and can be made of 100 products a week, the figure would be $ 200.00)

7. Now add this amount in labor costs each week. (in our example, $ 400 + $ 200 = $ 600.00

8. Now, divide that figure by the number of goods produced in one week. So, work 600.00 $ Divided materials and finished goods 100 per week would be $ 6.00 per piece.

9. If you sell your products wholesale, which are then multiplied by the number of spare pairs. Therefore, we would have a lower price of $ 12.00 per piece.

If the price obtained is a product similar the market may have to reduce it by reducing the hourly rate. You can do this by using cheaper materials, or for not being a "total perfectionism and increase production time. This concept goes both ways. If you find that your price is much lower than similar products you may want to increase their prices.

Only a little advice:

Say you make a greeting cards by hand. If you use tape to your map together, keep in mind that you did not need all the 1000 points for a map to do, so you must calculate how many tiles you need and divide by the cost of its 1000 chip package. This also applies to the embossing powder, how many Christmas cards made by hand can be done with a container of embossing powder, as highlighted by the feathers, brightness, etc.

* And the final cost per piece, we realized that it was fair labor and materials. You might also consider adding to the cost of marketing their products. This could be the price of your Boat Show, for sale online, websites, etc.

With all this information from prices that are shared everything, remember:

Good day and remember not allow time to craft!

Joan is the author of where she offers her years of crafting experience to her readers. She shares many tips and techniques to beginner and advanced crafters alike. Her motto is: Don’t Forget to Leave Time to Craft!

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 Boy/Girl Flowers Under Umbrella Wood Carved Hummel Look-Alike Wall Plaque

Boy/Girl Flowers Under Umbrella Wood Carved Hummel Look-Alike Wall Plaque


Look alike Hummel Goebel Made by Napco

Look alike Hummel Goebel Made by Napco “Latest News”


Hummel Look-Alike Small Wooden Plate Germany Two Little Boys Rothenburg Vintage

Hummel Look-Alike Small Wooden Plate Germany Two Little Boys Rothenburg Vintage


Hummel Look Alikes
Are Chris Colfer and Adam Kolkin related or just crazy look alikes?

*Adam Kolkin played Kurt Hummel as a boy on last weeks episode of Glee…

It’s just one of those freaky coincidences in life. There’s actually an article about it, and they say they’re bringing Kolkin back for a flashback episode.

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