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Companies instruments to wastewater treatment market

In recent years, instrumentation and control technologies automation for water treatment to promote the development of new, implementation of these management technologies more compact, reducing operating costs, reduce energy consumption and increase processing capacity. With the China market water treatment increasingly for the needs of instrumentation and automation control equipment are also increasing.

AQUATECHCHINA third International Exhibition of Water (Amsterdam, Netherlands Water Expo China International Exhibition) will be 2 to 4 days in June 2010 during World Expo Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Center to display area of ​​25,000 square meters more than 30 countries, over 600 exhibitors showcasing the wastewater treatment and water and the water industry in all aspects of the image, the meeting application in all directions for the water industry by further opening canals and build an excellent platform for international trade.

Highlights this year: wastewater treatment in the event Main

To meet the wastewater treatment market growing trend, the organizers specifically the theme of this exhibition project on wastewater treatment, wastewater treatment, since the show highlights the areas of special treatment in the area of ​​wastewater, control area of ​​the valve of the pump, the area of ​​the area of ​​instrumentation and chemicals for water treatment, the show's exhibitors and Related visitors to create more comfort. There is also an area of ​​membrane technology and water area, exhibitors can choose according to their category products matching the most suitable exhibition space, which greatly enhance the effect of participation.

The exhibition spaces products will be integrated into solutions of wastewater computer screen and wastewater treatment symposium held at the base of the art and strive to serve the entire industry wastewater treatment. In this exhibition, the world leader in both corporate heavyweights such as Veolia wastewater, ITT, Grundfos, Pentair, technology Degremont, Norit, Ashland, several global supply of water, Mei Lusi Blue Star Toray was Walton, days of cinema, film, Snapp, MANN + HUMMEL, the United States can, the only game Bo, Minard, active participation in Kanpur, no plot CINDA, Jiangsu Kanger, nickel-day Texas German Lichang, beating strong film, Andhra, Pegasus Film and active participation of the Year after year national enterprises, processing many industry exhibitors will be held wastewater aerator centrifuge, filter, valve, membrane ozone drug is applied in all aspects of product processing wastewater, and the world's leading proprietary technologies and solutions for water treatment to display the scene.

In addition to products, equipment and media co-sponsor of the wastewater treatment 2010 International Merit Special Summit. The summit of the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University, Shanghai Urban Construction Design Research and co-sponsored by other units of the Institute, the industry will focus on water treatment Municipal Wastewater national and international industry trends and technology in analyzing the state process, the various technical and economic aspects of the invitation to government departments, design units, research institutes, departments of local water, sewage municipal wastewater, industrial, and manufacturer equipment for wastewater treatment, in-depth exchanges and in close contact with the exhibitors.

Pump control valve products exhibition approach highlights

transport and storage of water is an important missing link does not part of the control valve of the pump, as the products of general purpose machinery in China has a huge space for development. In this exhibitor exposure line-up of the control valves of the pump which embodies the principles of market competition: The first is the global giant of ITT pumps, Grundfos, Pentair, cooperatives Rop, Tian Wang painting, Roland, Topure and other international brands, it feels good and the effects of AQUATECHCHINA, their active participation. In Haiduo Meng Shanghai East Lee's ode to Beijing, Han Fei, Hong-Ling, and many other well-known agent of the brand of valve industry world-renowned U.S. Secretary Yi Jie Lanmubusi also provide superior quality products and reliable control of fluid level. On the other hand, Eastern Pump, South, implementation of new Suketoshi may long Wei, open dimension Hi, Ding Reiter, electrical VeriSign, Bo Fan, carriers and other marks nationals have also made rapid technical development, which showed their own innovative products.

In recent years, instrumentation and control technology for automation of water treatment to promote the development of new implementation of these management technologies more compact, reducing operating costs, reduce energy consumption and increase processing capacity. With the growing market of China for instrumentation water treatment needs for automation and control are also increasing. To meet the market demand in this exhibition, many leading companies to focus in instrumentation will showcase the latest technologies and equipment for industry leading! Hash, United Kingdom Hammer Group, Thermo Fisher, analytical instruments Lal, Omar, Israel De Airui, Netherlands Netherlands Microlan Tintometer 100 was Rui, Han, Kim instruments, as in this century to win, and Wenzhou, Shanghai Light Industry Research Institute, Yuyao Instrument Factory, Chinese and foreign famous enterprises such as the involvement of race Kerui Da.

Over the same period was the International Water Forum will also provide industrial measurement and control technology for industrial measurement and control technology at home and abroad in water scientists and engineers to build a fruitful exchange of experience in advanced technology and interactive platform. About the Author

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