Hummel Origin

Hummel Origin

Hummel Origin

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As football increased in popularity and the rules became more formalized during the late 1800’s the first football boots were designed specifically with the game in mind. The boots rose up to the ankle for protection and following a change in the laws of the game in 1891 studs were allowed, which gave more stability on the pitch. The original studs were made of leather and they were hammered into the soles of the existing boots.

The boots of the late 1800’s were very cumbersome, weighing approximately 500g; they weighed even more when they were wet as they would absorb water, making it very difficult for the players to play the game.

In 1925 the first changeable studs were introduced and players were able to change their studs according to the weather and the condition of the pitch, although the boots themselves remained of a similar style, still covering the ankle.

The 1940’s saw greater consideration given to how the boots affected the kicking and control of the ball and newly designed boots were created with that in mind. The 1940’s also saw the introduction of boots from manufactures such Gola and Hummel who would later become the market leaders.

The 1950’s saw the introduction of plastic and rubber interchangeable studs and the use of synthetic materials in an attempt to make the boot lighter and during the 1960’s the first below ankle, slipper style boots were introduced, which not only revolutionized the footwear, but also saw better ball control, shooting power and an increase in agility and the speed of the players around the pitch.

The 1970’s and 80’s saw lighter weight boots, with the introduction of different colors as the boot became a more fashionable accessory

The 1990’s were dominated by Adidas who developed the Predator football boot, the main attribute being rubber strips which are attached to the forefoot which increases the speed of the ball and have an effect on ball spin and precision.

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Hummel Girl with Ducks, W. Germany Origin, Great Condition

Hummel Girl with Ducks, W. Germany Origin, Great Condition


Hummel Origin
What is the origin of the old Hamburg (Germany) greeting “Hummel, hummel’ and response “Morse, morse”?

…And what did it mean?

I’ve heard that “Hummel, hummel” was used in the 19th century, or maybe earlier, by Hamburgers to greet (paid??) water carriers since they didn’t have plumbing at that time and that the carrier responded with “Morse, morse”.

1. Is this true and,
2. How did the two parts originate?

All I know…it makes a great drinking shout at Octoberfest!

Hummel Piano Concerto 5 in A-Flat (1/3) OP. 113