Hummel Restoration

Hummel Restoration
1st May 1983 Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s 219th Birthday Party

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Six (6) Hummel Figurines ca.1950’s- 60’s ALL in need of minor restoration

Six (6) Hummel Figurines ca.1950’s- 60’s ALL in need of minor restoration


Hummel Goebel West Germany Figurine Restored 6

Hummel Goebel West Germany Figurine Restored 6″.-B351


Hummel Restoration

Glee episodes – the struggle of man

The proverb says, "No Pain No Gain 'is quite correct to describe the struggle of some young never retreat, but always forward. The story began in jubilation around a high school teacher Mc Kindley Schuester Will (played by Matthew Morrison) who was very obsessed with a new stereo (postmodern music), but not as qualified members and prepare, train, motivate them seriously. For his hard work test team succeeded in regional competition. His wife becomes very jealous of all time with the club and it is very close to Emma, she is falling in love too.

Perhaps Eglesias Yulia sucked the football player who became a popular singer, joy, not the foot ball player wants to sing Hudson Finn (played by Cory Monteith) and has a bad boy friend Noah Puckerman. And it is not so charming Diva became popular girl, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele played by) Mercedes is jealous Jones (played by Amber Riley).

Key members of the Glee Club Roll include

– SE is interpreted by SCHUESTER …. Matthew Morrison

Would you restore the Glee Club to its former glory.

– FINN HUDSON is played by … Cory Monteith

Captain soccer team, sing, play drums, looking hot

– Noah "Puck" PUCKERMAN is played by … Mark Salling

Bad boy, Casanova, temperament, but beware.

– Rachel Berry plated …. MICHELE LEA

Since he won his first dance competition, Rachel had a great dream of Broadway.

– MERCEDES Jones is played by ….. AMBER RILEY

Being a Diva, powerful beautiful voice, fashion sense

– Tina Cohen-Chang is played by ….. JENNA USHKOWITZ

It is shy and insecure, talent and passion for music Tina shines when she is happy with his friends

– Performed by Abrams ART … Kevin McHale

This is joy cute members, has a spirit of fun, and very happy.

– Terri SCHUESTER is played by … Jessalyn Gilsig

She was cheerleader in high school

– Kurt Hummel is played by ….. Chris Colfer

Cons-tenor singing, awareness skin care, dance, seems gay.

– Quinn Fabray is played by ….. Dianna AGRON

Cheerleading, singing (soprano)

– SUE is played by Sylvester … Jane Lynch

Sue seems to suffer many diseases such as lupus, scoliosis, hepatitis and the absence of a uterus (or time).

It is the coach and was named coach Cheerios Cheerleading

Support for twelve actors and actresses roll (with a few extra players), stations Glee composed of twenty-one episodes (high to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan) is a kind of movie to watch TV series and multi-thematic on viewers who belong to different age groups. It is not only to give a musical and dance postmodern but there are many problems in life, problems of love, the struggle of competition and many other young people. It is intended to be a family show that appeal to adults and children, with adult characters with a par with young drivers.

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Hummel Restoration