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Mi Hummel Factory

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It was near the village of Oeslauby that Germany Franz Goebel porcelain company figures began in 1876. Young Franz, William expanded the product line a few years after the Goebel porcelain factory and the initial startup of the company brand W. Porzellanfabrik Goebel. William was sure that the U.S. market would increase sales it has created a production line of the United States and sent his teenage son, Max Louis, United States together. Max returned to Germany in 1911 to help stimulate the production facilities in the twentieth century, the century.

Goebel has used a number of trademarks in their works that were produced in the bottom of each. Elements created by master carvers also bear their names. The figures of the drawings of Sister MI Hummel were signed up to his death at an early age. Goebel marks can be easily found on the Internet, and there groups dedicated to collectors Hummels not only popular but also Goebel to increase variety of figures.

Goebel figurines were originally manufactured in 1800 in Germany. After nearly fifty years, the company has learned the work of Franz Goebel Hummel Sister Maria Innocentia. Had shown promise as a young artist studied art, however, she chose to pursue a religious vocation, but she was also able to create beautiful drawings. This is what Franz Goebel was going in his company. Finally, has become by far the best known as a manufacturer of Online MI Hummel.

Goebel want to make a separate line of action figures based on the drawings of Marie Hummel. At the time I lived in the convent of Siess and showed the clay models that were learned of his sketches. The idea of ​​turning his work in the various versions of clay must have been a great concept, and granted only Sister Hummel Goebel legal rights to produce collectible ceramic figurines based on the authentic work of art. Sister had a passion for perfection, which requires each piece of sculpture has been approved personally by the painting, including every piece of China. then said that the dishes prepared by Goebel in the 1920s was better material for the new series.

Another artist, Charlie was invited by the company Franz Goebel because he felt that his work would be in line with current products in its manufacturing facilities in Germany. Working with master sculptor Arthur Moeller has began to create characters by Hummel. "Strike" was his first model built in 1957. Charlot and also worked on the Co. " Little Miss "," Oops ", and" roving eye "

Unfortunately, Goebel Germany had to stop doing since October 2008. The demand for numbers had fallen to barely a third of the anticipated volume of sales. Goebel expected by the market, while the figures until Hummel that the stock is exhausted. Unfortunately, there is a disappointing defeat a long-term contract between one of the best artists Children of all ages and porcelain figurines manufacturing company. Sister MI Hummel (Berta Hummel), the original artist had become so popular for his drawings of children in the neighborhood and the children of his childhood reminiscences, business Goebel sent an officer to meet her. His goal was to develop a new contract with the sister for making these beautiful drawings of children of porcelain figurines on a new line. However, it did not work and the agreement Sister MI Hummel Goebel between and no longer, but the positive side, production has resumed in Rödental, the first place in February 2009. All necessary rights and production facilities antique china manufacturer Goebel factory have been supported by Rödental Manufaktur GmbH. There will be a cut line figures with some thirty of production workers. However, Rödental will focus more on quality and not quantity, so he hired many former employees Goebel society to maintain the quality of the original line of figurines.

Hummel figures are always in high demand. They are probably the type most desirable collectible figurines in the world. You can see the sales figures Hummel on auction sites like eBay, which regularly sell Internet thousands of dollars. The secondary market Goebel figurine many reasons is not that expensive, if the availability of a large number of collectors. About the Author

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